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Sloop IT web design Shoreham Sussex
Sloop IT web design Shoreham Sussex  

SLOOP IT WEB DESIGN BROADSTAIRS, RAMSGATE, MARGATE, THANET- KENT see the portfolio page for further examples

Website design
Based in Broadstairs, Sloop IT is able to offer a comprehensive web design & online marketing solution for your company. We will effectively act as your online marketing department, designing the site, organising the hosting of the site and updating the site at your request.

Whether you simply require a website consisting of a few pages to market your company, or a complete on-line searchable catalogue and e -commerce facilities, we can help. Perhaps you already have a website but would like to give it a facelift and add an email response page or change your corporate ID. However small or large are your requirements we can help.



Maintainance & Development
Maintainance plays an essential role in maintaining a viable presence on the web. Links must be monitored from time to time to insure that they are still functional (not broken).Many websites have at least some content that must be freshened periodically.

Visitors tend not to frequent sites that become stale, they will move on to more interesting things unless they have a special reason to visit your site. Web site maintenance is something that should not be an afterthought when developing your web presence. Sloop can also help where a fresh web site design ir required - call us to ask for details.


On-line catalogues & Shopping
Sloop IT designs both office based and web-based database applications that allow your customers to shop and order online, browse and search catalogues, perform research, and receive personalized information. It is through these database applications that the World Wide Web becomes the medium for the next century.

Get on-line now
Sloop IT can help you with your first website, perhaps all you want to do is "test the water", or just let potential customers locate you on a map. For such a site maybe a few pages are enough and so Sloop IT are happy to get you up and running. You provide your logo, text and images, we build and activate the site (normally within 7 working days).

websites from £199
(1-3 pages including contact/feedback form & complete set-up with your host. If you require a host add £49)

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Often the most significant part of the lifetime cost of ownership of computer systems is the through-life cost of supporting the equipment. If things go wrong with the system, the cost is not only directly in money terms but also in terms of time, disruption and loss of system availability.

Based in Broadstairs, Thanet, Kent, Sloop IT offers a range of computer support options for both hardware and software, so that clients not only avoid any unexpected costs, but also minimising disruption and maximising system availability.


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